Little Boy Is Put Under For A MRI Scan. But, When THIS Happens? The Photos Go VIRAL.

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At just 9-years-old, Wellington native, James Issac lives a life filled with stress and fear. The youngster suffers from autism which causes him to be anxious, easily overly stimulated, and very uneasy in unfamiliar situations.

Furthermore, James cannot speak, make eye contact, or handle being touched by anyone.


Supporting James

In order to make things easier on James, his family got him a service dog. The dog, a black Labrador named Mahe, has helped James calm down significantly. Mahe also helps prevent James from running off into dangerous situations such as oncoming traffic.


Supporting James

Recently, James had to visit the hospital to get an MRI done. The hospital allowed Mahe to accompany him in the process. When mom posted pictures of the moment online, they instantly went viral.


Louise Goossens


When James was put under, Mahe became very worried. However, she didn’t leave his side for a second. Mahe continued to provide support through out the entire procedure.


Louise Goossens

Just take a look at her face. That worried expression speaks volumes about the love she has for James.


Louise Goossens

Fortunately, there were no problems during the scan. Here is James after waking up from the anesthesia.


Louise Goossens

While James struggles to look his parents in the eye, he has no problems looking at Mahe’s eyes. The connection that these two share is beyond heart warming. Life would just not be the same if Mahe wasn’t around.

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