2 Men who think that women “exaggerate labor pains” get hooked up to a labor simulator.

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The following video comes to you from the YouTube channel Kensington Films. It was posted back in 2013 but has recently started trending on social media. We think you’re going to get a real kick out of it.

Titled “Labor Pains Simulation”, the video aims to teach two men about the pains of child birth. To achieve this, Dr. Julie Masters hooked them up to a machine and attached electrodes on to their abdomens.

Initially, the two men thought the experience wouldn’t be too bad. They claimed that women “exaggerate everything” and therefore they’re also exaggerating the pain of child birth.

To no one’s surprise, their assessments turned out to be completely wrong. As Dr. Masters hooks them up to the machine, even the smallest setting causes them quite a bit of pain. When she ramps up the machine to full on labor mode, the men simply lose it.

It’s an entertaining video with an important lesson behind it. Check it out below.


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