Keep Your Eyes To The Elephant On The Left. What He’s About To Do Is Totally Unexpected!

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Zoos have always been some of the most popular places to visit, especially for animal lovers and families with kids. At a zoo, you are able to see wild animals from all around the world. It is simply the least expensive way to get close to them.

However, visiting a zoo may not always be a satisfying experience. The animals you are the most excited about may just spend their time sitting or lying around, which could be quite boring to watch. 

Now if you are lucky, such as the owner of the following video, you get to see some precious moments from these amazing animals. In the video, two animal caretakers are brushing dirt off the elephants’ bodies. Keep your eyes on the big elephant on the left. She’s about to do something that you would not expect!

Check out the video below!


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