Keep Your Eyes On The Puppy.. What He Does To His Older Sister Is Worthy Of An Oscar.

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When Mary Marovich took her dogs outside to play, she didn’t expect much to happen. She thought the dogs would just run around for a while and then come back inside.

For the most part, these expectations proved to be correct. But, out of seemingly no where, one of the dog’s does something that completely changes the video. What he did instantly turned a boring home video into a classic viral hit.

While one of Mary’s dogs calmly stood in place, her other dog was running around wildly. It was a classic case of younger brother pestering his older less energetic sister.

Through the first 15 seconds of the video that’s about all that happens. However, when the 16th second hits, the older dog proceeds to playfully bite her little brother’s neck.

The younger pup instantly falls down as if the move was fatal. He acts out the entire fall in the most dramatic way. If dog’s could win awards for acting, this dog would definitely get an Oscar!

Cutest of all, when he’s down, we can see him turning his head towards his sister. He’s checking to see if his little act got a reaction of out of her. Naturally, big sister is completely unfazed by it.

See the amazing moment for yourself. Check it out below.


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