Keep Your Eyes On The Dachshund. What He’s About To Do Is TOO CUTE For Words! Aww!

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This video was uploaded on YouTube with the title “Dachshunds & Golden Retrievers Unconditional Love”.

In the first 10 seconds, the Dachshund is seen sniffing the floor while the big dog (golden retriever) is lying down behind him.

Now keep watching. At the 0:11 mark of the video, the sleepy and tired Dachshund suddenly turns around, walks over to his buddy, and climbs up onto his back.

The golden retriever doesn’t seem to mind his little friend using him as his bed at all. In fact, you can tell that the two of them do this all the time in the house.

Dogs are some of the most gentle animals in the world. And this video is the perfect example. If it made you smile, share it with your family and friends!

Watch it below:


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