6’5 Man Starts Acting Violent. But, When A 70-Year-Old Woman Does THIS To Him? OMG…

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As commuters quietly sat on a train in Vancouver, something terrifying happening. A six foot five man suddenly ran into their train car while wielding a pen. He started cursing, walking around frantically, and seemed to be looking for trouble.

Naturally, this sent every person on the train into high alert. They weren’t saying anything to the man but it was obvious people were frightened.  Everyone was waiting for something bad to happen.

However, one woman, who happens to be 70 years old, refused to just sit back. When the aggressive man walked past her, she stuck her arm out towards him. It wasn’t a violent gesture but rather a loving one.

He took the woman’s hand, grasped it tightly, and simply sat down on the floor. After a few mins passed, he started to sob uncontrollably. It quickly became clear this man’s aggression was really a call for help.

While we don’t know what specifically caused his outburst. Commuters believe it stems from drug abuse or mental health issues.

The man left the train by thanking the 70 year old woman for her kindness.

Commuter, Ehab Taha, who witnessed the entire ordeal, talked to the woman about incident. While crying the woman responded, “I’m a mother and he needed someone to touch.”

“Don’t fear or judge the stranger on the bus: life does not provide equal welfare for all its residents.”

man on traIN

Ehab Taha

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