What This Horse Was Caught Doing Will Leave You At A Complete Loss Of Words…WOW..

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This viral was posted by Ejido Agua Prieta several days ago. According to the video description, the white horse lost a race and his upset owner punished him by locking him in a stall with nothing to eat.

As he was starving, his friend in the stall next to his began feeding him through the gaps.

People are always saying animals have no emotions. But videos like this prove that animals can be better than humans sometimes.

This is simply an incredibly sweet moment. By the end of the video, you will be at a loss of words.

Thousands of people who have watched this left comments saying how cruel the owner is and how ridiculous the punishment is.

If you are moved by these two horses, share this video with your family and friends to raise awareness for animal cruelty.

Check it out below:


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