This Homeless Man On Crutches Fell Down. What Happened Next Is Downright Shocking.

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Do you judge people by their appearance? This is a question that most people are afraid to answer with 100% honesty. To find out just how big of a role appearance plays in today’s society, the people in the following video sets up a very interesting experiment.

This experiment aims to answer one question: Does the way people look affect or change the way they are treated? If you were to see a man on crutches fall down on the sidewalk, how would you react? What if that man was dressed in dirty looking clothes? What would you do then? 

To get the most genuine response from people, there are two parts to this experiment. First, we have a successful looking business man dressed in nice clothes walk down the street on crutches and then fall down in front of people on purpose. Next, we do the exact same thing again, except this time, it’s going to be a dirty looking homeless man. Check out the following video to see how people react!


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