She Told Her Son It Was Time To Pray.. Now Keep Your Eyes On His Hands. LOL! So Cute!

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When a child is brought into this world, their mind is like a blank piece of paper. They don’t know what’s good, bad, evil, etc. It’s up to the parents teach them these things and to instill a proper set of values.

Today, we’re going to show you an example of just that. As one family sits down to eat dinner, they tell their children it’s time to pray. Mom and dad really want their kids to get into the habit of saying grace.

Unfortunately, instilling these values proves to be easier said than done. Their youngest son, William, has something else on his mind during dinner. All he can think about is the delicious food that sits in front of him.

So what does William do? He starts eating right away. When mom tells him again, William winds up praying with one hand and eating with the other! It’s a moment of cuteness that you simply must see in order to appreciate.

Check it out below.


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