Here’s The Secret To Making A Heart Shaped Egg. It’s A LOT Easier Than You Think!

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With enough time and experience working in the kitchen, you get to learn many cool things. For example, professional cooks and chefs are capable of doing amazing stuff, such as carving a flower out of a carrot or peeling a boiled egg in seconds.

Well today, we are going to teach you something really special. First of all, have you ever been to a restaurant that has served you a dish with a heart shaped egg in it? I actually ordered an egg salad in this one restaurant yesterday and it came with a heart shaped egg. I was fascinated by it. 

After looking through the Internet, I found a perfect tutorial video that shows you how to do it! It is so simple and easy. Even if you have absolutely no cooking skills, as long as you follow the simple instructions from the following video, you will be able to make it. Next time you have a guest over, this will impress them.

Check out the video!


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