Her Brother Took Her Toy. How Does She Get It Back? Unexpectedly Genius!

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Dog videos are some of the best forms entertainment on the Internet. And just like the many that we have shared in the past, the one we are showing you today is guaranteed to give you a good laugh.

As we all know, dogs are intelligent animals. But the dog in the following video is not only smart, but also very tricky. You are about to see how she tricks her brother in a hilariously genius way. 

The beagle in the video has a chew toy that she loves playing with. But when she realizes that her brother (black dog) is busy playing with it, she knows she has to figure out a way to get it back. What she’s about to do is absolutely priceless! If you are impressed by this smart dog, share this video with your friends on Facebook!

Check out the video below!


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