Her Dog Died Recently. When She Started Spreading His Ashes, Oh My… UNBELIEVABLE…

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After 12 long years of companionship, Chicago native, Ashley Lang, lost her dog to an undisclosed illness. If you happen to be a dog owner, you know just how devastating such a loss can be. It truly feels like you’ve lost a close family member.

Instead of burying her dog, Ashley chose to have him cremated. She then took his ashes and decided to spread them across their favorite park. As she did so, something unbelievable happened.

When Ashley threw the ashes into the air, her friend took a picture to commemorate the moment. When they looked at the picture, they noticed a strange shape had formed.  It looked like a dog that was leaping into the air!

Ashley was left without words when she saw the photo. She thinks it’s her dog’s way of saying one last goodbye. Judging by the angelic look of the photo, Ashley might just be right.

See the incredible photos for yourself. Check it out below.
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