Young Cat Helps A Blind Dog Avoid Obstacles During Their Walk. This Is So Cute!

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The following video is courtesy of YouTube user Greg Parrot. It’s a 51 seconds long clip that has received over 2.6 million views. It has also managed to gain an impressive 2500 thumbs up while receiving hardly any negative feedback.

I’ll admit, if you don’t know the back story to this video, it seems completely uninteresting. It looks like a cat and dog just walking down the street together. You’d probably say to yourself “why in the world did this video go viral?”

Here’s what makes this moment so amazing. The dog in this video recently lost his vision. He was struggling to get around without bumping into things. The cat quickly noticed this problem and decided to help her buddy.

In turn, kitty became a “guide cat” for the dog. As the two of them go for a walk in the video, kitty walks alongside the dog and bumps him whenever he’s walking towards an obstacle! It’s heart melting moment that really shows us the emotional depth of animals.

See the beautiful moment for yourself. Check it below.


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