He Was Blaming This Dog For The Mess In The House. But 10 Seconds Later? The Truth!

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Most of the time, dogs are well behaved animals. But when there’s nobody home watching them, they can misbehave just like little kids. When you confront them about it, the guilty look on their faces can be quite hilarious.

In the video below, a man comes home and sees a big mess in the living room. Then, he slowly walks up to the dog sitting on the couch. When he starts asking questions about what happened, the dog remains quiet. 

At this point, you may think that this dog is most likely the culprit. But wait till you see what happens next. When he turns his camera to the left to show us his other dog, the truth is revealed! We won’t spoil it for you. You are going to crack up when you see this.

Check out the video below!


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