He Stepped On Stage With His Horse. What They Did Next Impressed The Entire Audience!

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To most people, Chrissy looks like your average everyday horse. However, in reality, that assessment could not be farther from the truth. For Chrissy has developed a special talent that is making her quite the hit in Australia.

Due to her owner’s love for the cowboy lifestyle, Chrissy was taught how to line dance! The best part of all, she’s so good at it that she actually enters competitions with her family.

Chrissy’s family, the Marshall’s, travel all over Australia in order to compete and show off their horse’s special skill. In many cases, they happen to actually win those competitions.

Some of the other competitors dislike Chrissy’s presence at human line dancing competitions but they can’t do much about it. Everybody just loves Chrissy way too much to disqualify her!

See Chrissy’s awesome skills for yourself. Check it out below.


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