He Starts Playing Music On The iPad. What This Dog Does Next Is UNBELIEVABLE!

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We have shared many videos of dogs doing amazing things, such as the dog who takes care of a newborn baby or the puppy who is known as the world’s smartest puppy. But none of them is comparable to the dog you are about to see.

In the video, as soon as her owner starts playing music on the iPad, the dog begins “singing” along with the music. You are absolutely going to love this!

Even though this video is autotuned just like many of the music videos coming out of Hollywood nowadays, it is still one of the most adorable videos around. They are even saying that this dog, known as Mishka The Talking Husky, is a better singer than Justin Bieber. Well, we will let you decide whether that’s true or not. But nonetheless, what Mishka is capable of doing is mind-blowing and unbelievable.

Check out her video below!


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