He Looks Like A Normal Dog.. But Wait Till You See What’s On His Back.. It’s So CUTE!

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When the Rare Species Fund (RSF) found Poncho, the opossum, he was in terrible shape. His mother was tragically run over by a car and he had no source of nourishment. The prolonged lack of food combined with his young age created the worst possible situation for Poncho.

Initially, RSF believed that it was already too late for the young opossum. His condition appeared to be at the point of no return. However, they couldn’t just let him die without making some sort of effort to save his life.

Fortunately, after tireless efforts from veterinarians, they were able to save Poncho’s life. Under their care, he was able to slowly recover from his condition. Everyone at RSF was overjoyed to see his turn around.

Unfortunately, the team had a new a problem on their hands now. The young opossum was still without a mother. Who was going to take care of little Poncho?

That’s when Hantu, the white German Shepard, stepped in. The puppy-less Hantu quickly bonded with the mother-less Poncho. Through weeks of contact, the unlikely pair formed an inseparable friendship!

See their entire story for yourself. Check it out below.


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