Man Creates Beautiful Art Using A Piece Of Paper And A Candle.

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Like many artists, Steve Spazuk originally started out as a traditional painter. In fact, he spent a majority of his art career painting all sorts of beautiful images with just a brush. However, that all changed on one bizarre night that took place 11 years ago.

When Steven went to bed, he began to experience a strange dream. It was one of those moments where Steven was aware that he was dreaming while actually being in the dream. What he saw that night changed his art career forever.

While being in the dreaming state, Steven envisioned using fire as a way of creating art. When he got up the next day, he began to live out the vision that he had in his dream.

Using trails of soot, which stem from the flame of a candle, Steven began creating unbelievably detailed pieces of art. I can’t even adequately put into words just how amazing it is. You simply must see the video in order to fully appreciate his work.

Check it out below.


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