He Gave His Dog A Bath.. When I Saw The Dog’s Reaction.. I Couldn’t Stop LAUGHING!

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For some dogs, bath time is a beloved experience that feels like a wonderful reward. But, for some other dogs, it’s a horrifying chore that they want to avoid at all costs. In this post, we’re going to be looking at an example of the latter rather than the former.

When one man gave his dirty pup a bath, the dog protested through the entire experience. As soon as his dog heard the word “bath”, he immediately hid under the bed. Getting him into the tub was a monumental task but keeping him there while washing his coat was even tougher.

Once the bath was complete, the dog’s protesting didn’t end there. The pup made sure to let his owner know that he was still very upset. That’s when the dog’s owner decided to get out his camera.

He recorded the dog’s comical body language and hilarious complaints. Later on, he took that footage, edited it, and dubbed his own voice into the video. The end result of his efforts is a hilariously perfect narration of his dog’s frustrations!

You simply need to the see the video in order to fully appreciate his work. It’s cute, funny, and all around awesome! Check it out below.

(Make sure to have your sound on.)


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