He Adopted An Abused Dog. Now Watch What Happens When He Tells Her To Pick Out A Toy.

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Many few years ago, Roo, the golden retriever, suffered a pain that no animal should ever experience.  She was severely underweight, full of ticks, had bloody ears, and showed many other signs of severe neglect. Worst of all, when Roo was finally rescued, she was terrified by just about every little thing.

This strong fear caused rescuers to place Roo in a high-kill shelter. They felt that she was already too emotionally damaged and would have no chance of ever being adopted.

That’s when one shelter worker decided to give Brian Beker a call. When Brian heard Roo’s story, he immediately decided to take her in. It was fortunate that he did because Roo was set to be euthanized later that day.

When Brian finally took Roo home, all she did was hide behind the toilet in fear. It was a tragic sight but Brian was ready to help Roo overcome her fears. After several months of working with her, Brian managed to achieve just that!

In the video below, you’re going to see what happened when Brian took Roo to the pet store. It’s a moment that truly highlights the beauty, intelligence, and all around awesomeness of a dog that just about everybody was ready to give up on.

Check it out below.


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