What You’re About To See Is Unbelievable. Just Keep Watching…You’ll Be WOW’ed!

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Doug Dawson works at a nursing home called Lyngblomsten, located in Minnesota. One day, he brought his teacup poodle, Nala, to work. As he was busy, Nala disappeared and he didn’t see her till hours later.

Turns out, Nala went to visit the elderly residents on her own. Ever since that day, it became a daily routine for her.

She goes to work with Doug in the morning and as soon as Doug puts her down, she would run off right away. Believe it or not, she is capable of sensing who needs her the most.

Nala would walk up to them, jump up, and comfort them by giving them a cuddle. In everyone’s eyes, she is their “angel”.

She doesn’t just work on one floor. Nala also rides the elevator to visit the residents on the other floors. Employees simply have to press the button for her.

Watch the video below for the entire story!


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