When She Asks Her Dogs About The Missing Cookie, Their Reactions Are Hilarious!

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After coming home one day, YouTube user Alex Hutchinson noticed that the cookie on the counter had disappeared. Since the only ones that were home were her two dogs Harley and Loa, she decided to confront them about it.

Once both of them are seated down on the floor, she started explaining to them that the only way she was going to find out the culprit is to have one of them rat the other one out. And she also promised to not punish the one who tells her the truth.

When she finally asked them who took the cookie off the counter, Harley’s immediate reaction is absolutely hilarious! You are going to love the way he turned his sister in.

To make this video even funnier, she asked her two dogs the same question again. As expected, Harley reacted the same way. The look on Loa’s face is also priceless. Be sure to watch till the end because that’s where the funniest part is.

Check it out below!


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