Grandma Prepares Dinner. But, When Her Grandchild Catches Her Doing THIS? It Goes VIRAL.

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As grandmother, Ms. Colie, cooked in the kitchen, something incredible happened. Her favorite song, Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice, suddenly started playing on the radio. Feeling captivated by the catchy beat, Ms. Colie immediately broke into a dance routine.

Surprised by the sudden turn of events, her granddaughter began recording the moment. We’re glad that she did because grandma’s dance routine wound up going viral on YouTube. So far, It has received a jaw dropping 7 million views and counting!

While many people like to assume that senior citizens can’t dance, Ms. Colie is proving doubters from all over the world wrong. In fact, she can actually dance better than most young people. Her flow, rhythm, and overall footwork are very impressive.

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look the video below to see grandma in action. If you happen to enjoy the video, share it with your friends on Facebook. It’ll definitely make their day a little brighter.


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