An Elderly Man Visits This Park Bench Every Single Day. The Truth Left Me In Tears…

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Losing someone you love is the most painful feeling you can ever experience. It is the type of pain that can take a long while to go away. But for some people, they like to turn this pain into something that they can hold on to forever, such as the elderly man in the video we are sharing with you today.

Bud Caldwell, who is 82 years old, has been visiting a park bench with one daisy flower and a penny every single day since his wife passed away many years ago. It is a bench that he bought and dedicated to his wife. As for the daisy flower and the penny, these two gifts are tributes to the two songs that they loved: “Daisy A Day” and “Pennies From Heaven”. 

However, due to the recent snowy weather, it has become extremely difficult for Caldwell to visit the bench and talk to his wife about his day. But he still continued to drive to the park, even though he could only stay in his car and look at the bench from afar. When two park workers noticed this, they did the kindest thing for Caldwell that brought him to tears. It’s an amazingly heartwarming love story.

Check out the video below.


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