Dad teaches his teenage son a lesson for slamming his bedroom door during an argument.

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One of the most difficult aspects of parenting is dealing with kids during their teen years. That’s when the hormones kick in and everything tends to change. They become argumentative, moody, and have a desire to rebel.

For parents, it’s a time filled with all sorts of headaches. You set rules/boundaries and they can’t wait to break them. When you punish them for doing so, you can expect an outburst or some sort of ridiculous backlash.

Today, you’re going to see a hilarious example of this “teen vs parents” scenario. As one teenager got into an argument with his parents, he decided to storm off to his room. In doing, he slammed the door behind him.

This did not end well for the angry teen. His father was so annoyed by the door slamming that it prompted him to take immediate action. Dad came up with a punishment that’s so creative it’s actually going viral on Facebook.

He grabbed a saw and turned his son’s regular door into a dutch door. This put an end to the slamming while also serving as an effective long term punishment. The teen will not have any privacy until he fixes his attitude problem and learns to respect his parents.



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