Donut shop owner whose tips were stolen received a heartwarming note from a girl.

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Andy Chhong owns a donut shop called Daylight Donuts in Alvin, Texas. One day, a female customer came in and stole money from the tip jar on the counter.

It was all caught by the surveillance camera. He later uploaded the footage on Facebook, hoping to find the thief.


The video ended up getting over 2,300 shares in just several hours.

Take a look:
(video may take a few seconds to load)


While he has yet to find the thief, he received a handwritten note and $4 from a little girl named Chloe.

Here’s what Chloe wrote:

“Dear Donut Man, my mom showed me the video of your money getting stolen. I’m sorry that happened. This is my tooth fairy money. Sorry that happened, Chloe.”

Andy was so touched by the note and he said he’s going to give Chloe free donuts for life.


Andy Chhong

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