He Started Filming His Sleeping Dog. Seconds Later, Something ADORABLE Happened!

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Jackson, a one-year-old Double Doodle (half goldendoodle and half labradoodle) fell asleep on the couch. Soon, he started moving in a way that made him look like he was dreaming about someone or something chasing after him.

His owner immediately turned on the camera to record. About 6 seconds later, Jackson’s friend Laika, a 1.5 year old Goldendoodle, showed up.

Laika must have noticed that her friend was having a nightmare and quickly came over to help. After jumping onto the couch, she looked Jackson in the eye for a few seconds. Then, she lay down on top of him to give him a snuggle. He sure is lucky to have such a wonderful friend!

Seeing the two of them being so protective of each other is just heart melting. If you enjoyed this cute video, remember to share it with your friends!

Watch it below.


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