Navy Dog Sniffs Out Stress In 45 Sailors. Saves The Lives Of 7 Men Planning Suicide.

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While humans are undoubtedly considered the “smartest” creatures on earth, we aren’t the best at everything. Animals such as dogs possess traits, qualities, and skills that we could never have. For example, dogs are born with a nose that is far superior to our own.

With that powerful nose, dogs can smell/detect things from a great distance. This is why law enforcement officials use them to help find hidden contraband in airports or at the border. Meanwhile, a human nose can only smell things from a relatively short distance.

Today, we’re going to share with you a dog who takes the smell ability to a whole new level. The dog, Cmdd. Joe, has somehow developed the ability to sniff out stress in people!

As a military dog, this skill has proven to be priceless. Joe has sniffed out stress in 45 people so far. This early detection has allowed stressed members of the armed forces to receive psychological help much sooner.

Joe is currently the only dog in the department of defense who possess this ability. So far his nose has proven to be right every single time. Out of the 45 people he has sniffed out, 7 of them admitted to having suicidal plans. Because of Joe, these men have ultimately had their lives saved!

See the entire story for yourself. Check it out below.


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