Dog Refuses To Move From This Spot. The Reason? It’ll Leave You Speechless…

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As photographer Hunter Cone headed to the cemetery he noticed something peculiar in the distance. There was a golden retriever walking around the tombstones. Upon closer inspection, he quickly learned that there was a very powerful reason for the dog being there.

The golden retriever’s baby died in that specific spot and she refused to leave its side. The mourning mother fought through the cold, starvation, and thirst for days on end just to be next to her deceased offspring. 

Hunter and his mother knew that the dog needed to be rescued. The terrible weather outside and lack of food would eventually beat this loyal mom. They tried to lure her into their care with food but their attempts were futile. This mom simply refused to leave her baby’s side. Even after the news team reported this story, they are still working on a way to rescue her! Take look at the video below to see the whole story.

This golden retriever’s story is simply incredible. Her immovable love is tugging at the heart strings of millions people all over the internet right now. We sincerely hope that she is rescued and adopted very soon.


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