Dog wakes up his owner after sensing danger lurking in her body.

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If you’ve ever wondered why dog’s are commonly refereed to as “man’s best friend”, you’ve clicked on the right post. Today, we’re going to show you a dog, named Bandit, who saved his owner’s life in the most unexpected way.

As Bandit’s owner, Kayla Mollat, slept in her bed, something terrifying happened. Kayla’s blood sugar dropped to dangerously low levels. Bandit knew he had to act immediately in order to save his owner.


He started doing everything in his power to wake her up. Fortunately, his efforts were not in vain. Bandit managed to wake her up and even assisted Kayla in remedying the solution!

Take a look below to see the whole story.



Bandit saved my life around 4 am this morning, he woke me up (I don’t know how long he may have been trying to wake me) and I couldn’t get up and I was really sweaty and weak. I asked him to get my meter and he did, my blood sugar was at 30 (this is very dangerous and can cause diabetic coma, if he didn’t wake me up I may have not woken up again). I asked bandit to get me juice so he did. Then I was able to get up to get more to eat. I love this dog!!

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