This Dog Is VERY Confused. When You Find Out Why, You’ll Laugh Out Loud!

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In general, dogs are a intelligent creature. They are capable of learning some very impressive tricks. Like Czr, the american pitbull terrier, who learned to respond to his owners questions by nodding yes or no. Or Brody the french bulldog who learned an entire arsenal of tricks at just 12 weeks old.

However, like any other animal, dogs also have their not so smart moments. In the video below, you’re going to see one of those moments and it’s absolutely hilarious. 

In the video, we see Walter the golden retriever playing in the snow with his favorite toy. It’s a little ball that squeaks whenever he bites down on it. But the kicker here is that Walter has no idea where the squeaking noise is coming from. Everytime the squeak happens, Walter drops the ball, and looks up in complete surprise. You need to see his priceless reactions. Check them out below.


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