Baby Approaches A Dog’s Bed.. Now Keep Watching.. What Happens Next Surprised Everyone.

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As one-year-old, Alfred, played in the living room, something heart melting happened. The youngster suddenly took an interest their dog’s bed. He immediately crawled on over to the “mysterious object” and began trying to climb into it.

Unfortunately, young Alfred was too small to make the climb. He looked at dad for some assistance but dad would not budge. The dog bed was a little dirty and he didn’t want his son to play in there.

Here’s where the best part of the video happens. As dad keeps recording, their dog, a Rhodesian Ridegback named Lea, comes over to see what’s going on. The smart pooch quickly notices that Alfred wants to climb into her bed.

So what does Lea do? She actually jumps into her bed, grabs the blanket, spreads it on the floor, and then lays down next to her bed. It’s almost as if Lea is saying “You can have my bed young human. I’ll just get my blanket and sleep on the floor!”

It’s a moment you simply need to see in order to fully appreciate. Check it out below.


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