Dog Accidentally Drops His Ball Into Pool. You Won’t Believe How He Gets It Back!

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When it comes to playing in water, most animals either love it or hate it. In the past, we’ve shared a number of videos that highlight just how much they love it. Such as this family of moose that was caught playing with a sprinkler or the horse that went hilariously wild in the river.

In this post, we’re going to show you an example of just how much they can hate it. It’s a video that’s cute, funny, and above all else incredibly clever! 

As user, Esther Cushway, sat by the pool, she noticed that her dog accidentally dropped his favorite ball into the pool. Considering her dog doesn’t care for water and the ball was out of reach, this was quite the conundrum for the little pooch.

After a bit of observation, her dog came up with a brilliant idea. The dog jumped into a nearby plastic kiddie pool and used it as a raft to get to the ball!

See the adorable moment for yourself. Check it out below.
(video may take a second to load)


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