He Doesn’t Use The Shovel To Clear The Snow. What He Does Instead Is Totally GENIUS!

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If there is snow where you live, you should know how tiresome it can be to shovel snow in the morning, especially after a night of horrible blizzard. Worst of all, all the shoveling work can give you back pain and muscle soreness. Imagine going to work right afterwards!

But have you ever wondered what else you could do besides using the shovel? After watching the video below, you may never want to use the shovel again. My first reaction after watching it was “how come I never thought of this?”. 

This way of clearing snow is simple and effective. Best of all, it looks quite fun! It can really save you a lot of time during snow days. The winter is getting worse and many cities are getting hit by blizzards. But that’s what makes this video worth sharing.

Check out the video below to see how he does it!


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