6-Year-old girl decides to take action after kids label her autistic brother as weird.

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As 6-year-old, Lex Camilleri, came home from school, she shared some bad news with her mother. Lex said that her brother, who has autism, was labeled as weird by the other kids.

Lex tried explaining that her brother has autism but it was futile. The young kids simply had no idea what autism was.


Feeling frustrated, Lex told her mother that she wants to raise awareness about disabilities in her school. This prompted the little girl to write a beautiful letter that is now going viral on Facebook.

“On Monday, I felt very sad because a girl in my class said that my brother was weird. My brother has autism and it’s not weird. I would like it if we could learn about all disabilities in school. So that everybody can understand that some people are different but we should all be treated the same”.


Sophie Camilleri
At just 6 years old, Lex has a bigger heart than some adults. Our hats go off to mom for raising such a kind child!

Last week a child at Lex’s school came up to her and said ‘Your brother is weird’ 😔 Lex told the child that her brother has Autism, but the child didn’t know what this was.

This left Lex really upset, but from this she said she wanted to make a change, she wanted to talk about ‘Disability Awareness In Schools’ in her next School Council Meeting, so she wrote a letter (with a little help from me with the spellings) which she handed in last Thursday.

I’m so very proud that Lex has this view and wants to change the way other children view others with disabilities. She is only 6 years old and is already part of the school council, wanting to make this change.

Can I ask a favor of my Facebook friends to share this Post to help Lex raise Disability Awareness in schools. Thanks So Much x.”

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