Puppy uses very “dirty” tactics during a session of friendly play fighting.

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The video that we have for you today is just 31 seconds long. However, it could be even shorter than that because 28 seconds into the video is where the best part happens. But, don’t let the short duration fool you, this is still going to be funniest video you’ll see all day.

In the video you’re going to see Marc the corgi and his little sister Lucie. The two of them are being recorded by their owner as they horse around in the kitchen. It doesn’t look like anything special is going on but then out of nowhere it takes a hilarious turn. 

Being the bigger and older dog, Marc is getting the better of little Lucie as they’re playing. All Lucie can do is throw a few tiny barks towards Marc. She obviously can’t win fairly, so she decided to play dirty. Lucie suddenly turns around during the little scuffle and lets out a fart directly into Marc’s nose. Marc is completely blindsided by this move and proceeds to give the camera a look that’ll have you rolling!

Check out the hilarious moment in the video below.


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