His Daughter Just Left The Room. What He Notices About Her Husband Left Him Stunned.

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Over the years, the status of women around the world have improved a lot. However, in some countries, such as those in Asia, men are often viewed as the head of household while women on the other hand are housewives who are expected to take care of most, if not all, of the chores at home. Now the question is, is this fair for women?

In the following video, you are going to see what a typical day is for a married woman in India. After coming home from her job, the first thing she does is make a drink for her husband, who has been sitting on the couch watching TV.

Right afterwards, she goes to the kitchen to start preparing for dinner. But immediately after turning on the stove, she walks over to the living room to clean up the toys that her son was playing with.

While she does all of these things, her father watches her without saying a word. Slowly, he realizes how stressful her daughter’s daily routine is. But instead of asking his son-in-law to help out, he decides to change himself first. Make sure you watch till the end!

Check it out below.


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