What This Man Has In His Left Hand Will Make Your Day! It’s Going Extremely VIRAL!

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Coty Vincent, a native of Tusla, Oklahoma, got into a hit-and-run accident recently. In need of a rental car, she went to Enterprise. While she was there with her two babies, an employee named John did something she never expected.

As he was taking care of her paperwork, John noticed that she didn’t have a double stroller. And so, he offered to hold one of her babies for her.

Coty was absolutely moved by his act of kindness. She snapped a photo of him and created a post on Facebook. The post now has 221,000 likes and over 24,000 shares.

Check it out:





Two days later, she received a call from Enterprise:


Not only did they buy Coty a double stroller, they also promised to give a big surprise to John for what he did!

As to why she shared this story on Facebook, Coty explained:


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