She Caught This Man Doing Something So Unexpected With The Dog. Wait Till You See It!

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In general, dogs love being taken outside to play, especially to places like the park. It is one of the things that they get really excited about.

But as you know, dogs can behave just like little kids sometimes. When they are having a lot of fun, it is not always easy to get them to go home. We are going to show you an example in the video below.

A beautiful golden retriever lies down on the grass and refuses to get up. His owner then starts trying all kinds of tricks to get him to stand up.

The way they interact with each other is just heart melting to watch. You can clearly tell he is a patient man who loves his dog very much.

After about one and a half minute, he finally succeeded in getting his dog to get up. Wait till you see how he did it.

Check out the priceless video below!


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