The Cat Won’t Let Him Down Stairs. His Reaction? I Peed My Pants Laughing!

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Cats versus dogs, it’s a rivalry that’s as old as time. Cats are the solitary hunters with a rather independent mindset. Dogs are the complete opposite, they’re the pack hunters that thrive in a group. So what happens when you put the two together under one roof?

Well it will vary wildly depending on how the owner trained the cat and dog. However, generally speaking, there will always be moments of conflict between the two species. Those conflicts can be pretty serious sometimes but other times they’re just downright hilarious. 

In the video below, you’re going to see one of the hilarious conflicts between the two. The dogs in this video need to get to a certain place. But there is just one problem, the cats happen to be standing in their way. These big dogs quickly turned into babies when they needed to get past the little cats. You need to see their reactions! Take a look below.



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