Cashier gets out her wallet after an elderly woman says she can’t afford groceries.

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Judging by what the big news networks show us, it’s very easy to lose faith in humanity. All we ever see are stories about war, violence, fighting, hatred, etc etc. It can make you feel like the entire world is doomed.

Today, we’ve decided to go in the opposite direction of these big news networks. We’re going to share a little story with you that’ll actually revitalize you’re faith in humanity.


“This girl is a cashier at Marsh on Kentucky Ave, her name is Janell.”


Gary Clark

“An elderly woman came through her line, did not have enough money. This young lady took money out of her own pocket and paid half of her bill. Please share and let everyone know our youth is not a lost cause. I was proud to have witnessed it, Marsh should be proud to have her as an employee.” Writes Gary Clark on Facebook.

What a beautiful moment. Our hats go off to Janell for her kindness. We need a lot more people like her in the world.


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