Bulldog Gets Into The Pool. But Watch How His Sister Reacts. LOL!!

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Most people always assume that dogs are natural born swimmers. While this may be true for some dogs, most of them are actually scared of water. In other words, they need to be taught how to swim.

In the following video, a bulldog wearing a life jacket was about to go for a swim in the pool. But as soon as he got into the pool, his sister started pulling him back with all her strength.

It’s safe to assume that his sister is not a big fan of playing in the pool. She clearly thought it was dangerous for her brother to get into the water even though he was wearing a life jacket.

This bulldog tried to get his sister off of him but she loved him so much that she just refused to let go. It is absolutely adorable to see such a strong bond between them.

Watch the precious video below!


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