A 4-year-old boy uses quick thinking to save his mother’s life.

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Recently, Dallas native, Misty Vaughn, thought she was coming down with the flu. Her body felt strange but it did not warrant great concern. However, when Misty finally checked her temperature, things took a terrifying turn.

Misty’s temperature turned out to be an astounding 105.5 F. The bad news sent a shock through her body and she immediately passed out.

That’s when an unlikely hero takes action. Her 4-year-old son, Camden, quickly picked up her iPhone and figured out how to call his father. From there, dad contacts 911 and ultimately saves Misty’s life

Doctors believe that Misty experienced some sort of a seizure. They also believe that Camden’s perfect timing is what ultimately saved her saved her life. Everyone is now hailing 4-year-old Camden as a hero.


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