This Video Is Only 31 Seconds Long But Every Second Is Just TOO GOOD! WOW!

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Tap dancing is one of the most entertaining styles of dance. Many of you most likely have watched it before, but have you ever seen an animal do it? If not, you are going to see it for the first time in the video below.

Whenever his owner turns on his favorite music, which is Irish music, this parrot would instantly start tapping to it. We don’t know how this bird learned to tap like this, but as you are about to see, he has very good rhythm.

This video proves that birds are a lot more interesting than we think. It has become extremely popular for people to have birds as pets these days. After watching this awesome video, you may even consider getting one yourself.

If you are impressed by this bird’s dancing moves, show his video to your friends! It will definitely make them smile.

Watch the video below!


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