They Put This Dog On Death Row… Now Keep Watching… The Ending Is UNBELIEVABLE!

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Last month, a pit bull named Benny was found roaming the streets of Los Angeles, California all by himself. There was no owner in sight and he didn’t have a chip or collar on him. Animal control had no choice but to take Benny to Carson Animal Care Center.

Unfortunately, Carson is considered to be a high-kill shelter. If no one adopted Benny after a certain amount of time, he would ultimately be euthanized. As terrible as it sounds, a countdown for his life began the moment that he walked into the building.

Sadly, as the days went by, no one seemed interested in giving Benny a forever home. Even though he is a very sweet dog, many people ignored him due to his breed. They automatically assume he is a dangerous because he happens to be a pit bull.

Benny was put on death row at the shelter. It seemed like his life was going to end before he even had a chance to really live it. That’s when something amazing happened.

A family saw Benny and decided to save his life. As workers took Benny out of his cage, he became quite scared. The poor pup had no idea what was going to happen to him.

But, when Benny realizes that he is getting a real home, he becomes overjoyed with excitement! His owner can barely contain him on the leash. Benny is running and jumping around as if he won the lottery. It seems like he knew his life was saved at that moment.

See the unbelievable moment for yourself. Check it out below.


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