Cashier Takes Customer Service To A Whole New Level By Singing Beautiful Songs To Customers.

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When it comes to customer service, most cashiers tend to follow a basic set of rules. They smile at the customer, answer any questions they might have, maintain a polite tone, and ring up their groceries in a timely manner.

However, today, we are going to show you a cashier that takes customer service to a whole new level. His name is Lucas Holliday and he works at a Dollar General in Lansing, Michigan. What he did is now taking social media by storm.


Simply put, Lucas likes to sing beautiful songs to his customers. While some of you may find that odd, once you hear his voice, you’ll see why everyone loves Lucas. His voice is seriously impressive!

In fact, it was so good that Maxwell, the artist of the song he was filmed singing, invited him to a concert at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit. Lucas was also given the opportunity to appear on stage with Mawell.

Take a look below to see the video.


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