Young boy soils himself because a teacher wouldn’t allow him to go to the bathroom.

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Last week, 6th grader, Erik Orozcu, went through an embarrassing ordeal. He accidentally pee’d his pants after a teacher refused to let him go the bathroom.

..To make matters worse, he wasn’t even excused after the accident happened. The teacher only gave him permission once Erik openly explain to her what happened and shamefully walked out of the room.

Today, the school, Jack Lund Schofield Middle school, is in trouble for what happened to Erik.

The story has sparked an interesting debate online. What sort of protocol should teachers be following? Should teachers give students permission to go to the bathroom at all times?

Some people claim that implementing such a system could cause a lot of distractions in the classroom. Certain kids will lie and go to the bathroom just to waste time or check their phones. Furthermore, teachers feel that kids walking in and out of the room is a distraction in itself.

However, no one wants a child to soil their pants like Erik did. What is a teacher to do in this situation? Take a look below to learn more about Erik’s story.


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