Baby Weasel Can’t Find His Mother. Now Be Ready For The Next 10 Seconds. ADORABLE!

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The video we are sharing with you today was filmed in Park City, Utah. It’s only about a week old but it’s currently one of the most viral videos on the internet. Since it was uploaded, it has managed to gain over 1.1 million views.

In the video, a mother weasel is determined to climb over a stone wall with her babies who are no more than six weeks old. While we don’t know where they are moving to, we can tell that they must get over this huge wall in order to reach their destination. 

The mother immediately climbed to the top of the wall with ease. Her children on the other hand struggled. They stopped climbing after losing sight of their mother and didn’t know what to do. Seconds later, their mother came back and guided them to the top. However, one of her babies lost grip and fell to the ground. Wait till you see what happens next.

Check out the precious video below!


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