See The Baby In The Back? Be Ready For What’s About To Happen. I Just Had The BEST Laugh!

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This baby video has to be the funniest video you will watch today. At the beginning, the baby was just sitting down on the carpet. But as soon as the family dog came over, things took a hilarious turn.

The baby’s father started feeding the dog popcorn. And for some reason, she thought it was extremely funny and couldn’t stop laughing about it. You are going to find it absolutely hysterical!

Many people left comments saying that her laugh is the most contagious laugh they have ever heard. Seriously, every second of this video is just so funny to watch. You are definitely going to wish it was longer.

If you enjoyed watching it, don’t forget to show it to your friends on Facebook. Everybody needs to hear this baby’s laugh!

Check it out below.


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