Baby Poops His Pants. How The Dog Reacts Next Is Downright HILARIOUS!

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There’s no doubt that having a baby is one of the best things that can happen to any family. All the cute things that babies do can always make us smile. But with that being said, babies are also known for being messy, which can sometimes be unpleasant.

In this following video, you get to see a baby who poops his pants. It begins with the baby sitting in a chair with the family dog. While recording them, the baby’s mother realizes that the baby is about to poop.

She then starts telling the baby to push it all out. When he finally lets out an explosive poop, the dog, who has been lying down this entire time, immediately gets up and jumps off the chair. When you see it, you are going to laugh out loud!

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Check it out below.


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